Jan 20, 2021 • 6M

What's working on Twitter lately

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Weekly insights from Blake Emal (@uxblake) on how he grew his audience.
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What's working on Twitter

 Welcome in . So today get right to it and talk about, what's been working on Twitter lately. Many of you probably seen some of the threads that I've been putting out and they've been working. And I just want to transparently talk about what's working. What's not working, give you maybe some ideas for right now, and this can apply mostly to Twitter. I would apply most of us to Twitter, but you can take some of the principles out to LinkedIn, maybe Instagram as well.

[00:00:25] Maybe YouTube, but focused on Twitter. If that's where you are. So want to talk about some of the things that have been working first and foremost thing that's been working, number one has been, and this is, this has always worked for me and it works for pretty much anybody that sticks with it and tries this. It's basically just putting the audience up front.

[00:00:45] I've been putting more tweets out, encouraging people to share sides of their personality or preferences or opinions. I want them to share their side, their experience. So I'll ask questions, like who would be your dream follow? Not making it about me, but making it about them. Who would, what would your superpower be?

[00:01:06] What's your rapper name your rapper name would be XYZ combination. We using whatever formula, like that's the stuff that I've been putting out lately. That isn't that hard to think up? Obviously, but I think the reason that this really works is I'm encouraging people to take a break from being boring. It take a break from.

[00:01:26] Thinking about work and things that are super serious and just give them a chance to talk about themselves. The more that you can get people talking about themselves, the more they'll talk period. People don't want to talk about me. They don't want to talk about Blake. They want to talk about themselves.

[00:01:43] And if I give them the platform and the microphone to do that, they're more likely to engage and respond to my tweets. So make it about them. Not about you. That's number one that has always worked and will continue to work and has just been blowing me away with how awesome it's been lately asking those types of questions.

[00:02:00] The part of that, the caveat that I'll say is that the questions that you ask, even if you are making sure that's, the tweet is actually about them and offering the community an opportunity to let out some of their personality, you have to make sure that the question or the prompt is actually interesting. If you're asking really boring things, don't expect really great answers or many answers at all.

[00:02:23] Hopefully that goes without saying, but. Take questions that you have and try to, conjugate them two or three times tweak them so that there may be questions that you haven't been asked before. If it's a question that you've been asked before, you can assume that most other people have in your community as well. And you probably shouldn't ask that question. So interesting questions plus talking about them equals good posts. Good engagement.

[00:02:48]Some other things that are working really well still, like giving away all of your valuable knowledge that you've learned in your career for free. Is always a winning proposition. People love stuff that you give away for free. So the more that you can say, Hey, you know what? This might be more valuable than free, but I'm going to give it to you for free anyway, cause I value you.

[00:03:08] That goes along way. Give stuff away for free is point number two here and then finally with number three. Just use the DMS. I can't. Overstate this, the DMS is where the actual Twitter thing happens. You may see at UX Blake on your timeline and that's cool, but that's not where the magic's were really happening. When you see follower counts going up and engagement rates going up.

[00:03:36] It's usually not just because the person's getting better at tweeting. Like I'm not any better at tweeting than I was a month ago. Maybe a tiny bit. But I'm still the same person. And I still tweet about generally the same things. What's different. Is the month of building relationships in the DMS that you don't see.

[00:03:57] Unless you're a part of the DM that I'm, that we're in. If you can, in the backend. Talk to people more long form doesn't you don't have to dedicate all your time to this, but if you can talk to people more in the DMS, in private, Then you do in public. You're going to make friends. And if you make friends, you're going to make, some relationships where people have your post notifications on. So when you tweet, you're gonna start getting instant engagement, which then triggers the algorithm to pump your stuff up a little bit more. Cause it's getting quick reaction.

[00:04:28] That's the no, there's no secret to it. It's a lot of hard work behind the scenes that goes unnoticed. And then people think that you're succeeding. But if you can put in the DM time and then the open commenting on other people's tweets time. Then you combine that with the original content that you're making, you really can't lose at that point. It's just a matter of staying consistent and not getting discouraged and stopping. Before you do hit that inflection point, you will hit it.

[00:04:58] That's just some things top of mind for me again, this is what's working on Twitter for me right now. I'll do these every once in a while. Thank you very much for joining. We do have some guest posts coming up that I'm going to be releasing here shortly. Thank you very much for your time. And if you do have the desire, if you're not a guest poster for creator Kate, yet, please let me know reply to one of the emails here and you can become a guest post writer and.

[00:05:20] We got about 2,100 people in the community so far. So you'll get a decent amount of people that will see your work and come to know you. Thank you so much and have a great old day.