Tweet Formatting 101

Design tweets like a pro.

Why formatting matters

Here's the deal:

The content of your content matters more than the look of your content.

I know, that was an eyeful.

But it's true.


Formatting still matters. A lot.

If I had to put a percentage split to it, I'd say that great content is 80% depth of material, 20% presentation.

But wouldn't you say that 20% is a decent enough percentage to make it worth exploring?

I think so, too.

The following are in no particular order.

Visualize that ish

Types of tweet formats, visualized.


Short. Multi-lined. To the point.


Starts or ends with similar phrasing. The lines feed off of one another. These tend not to be long tweets.

Self-Destructing Tweet

This tweet format requires a tool like Hypefury that allows you to schedule a follow-up tweet when your tweet hits a certain amount of likes or RTs. Make an asset, attach the link in the scheduling queue, and set the timer.

Mess Ish Up

Avoid perfect. People will notice, and it will drive engagement.

Steal from Jack Butcher

Ok, don't really steal his stuff. But turn your own ideas into visuals.

Practice Tough Love

Say things that are hard to hear, but only if you truly believe them.

Advice in List Form

This is the easiest way to visualize tidbits of advice. Whenever possible, break advice up into a list.

The No-Fluff Hack

Go straight into the good stuff. No intro, just advice. Give away your hacks and advice as swiftly as you can for free.


Use your own drawing and handwriting from time to time to show your personality and get your point across.

I volunteer as tribute

Play. Freaking. Games! It's the best, and it works. I can't help you come up with ideas, but just try stuff out.

Shrouded in mystery

Put out tweets that have no resolution. Not all the time, but som-

Tech stacks on stacks on stacks

Unveil your fav tools, creators, accounts, whatever every so often.

Challenge convention

Do weird stuff with your formatting. Make it look totally uncommon.

Tell me if this idea sucks

The best way to ask for feedback on an idea, hands down.

You're a poet and you weren't even aware

If you have mad skillz with a "z", try rhyming!


Just don't make them boring, mmmmmkay?

What are YOU going to try first?

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