How the CreatorKit Community Works

You're in. Congrats, and welcome!

I can't wait to give away all of my knowledge (thus far) and post something new for you each day.

A couple of housekeeping items:

  1. Please please PLEASE be kind to each other. This community is nothing without its people, but if you are bullying others I won't hesitate to kick you out.

  2. I'm an imperfect human. I will strive to respond quickly and post great content everyday. But sometimes, I'm gonna mess up. Please bear with me.

  3. I am accepting guest posts within the platform! If you want to write a post for this community to see, email me at with your topic idea.

Now, let's get technical.

Content will be created daily by Blake Emal for you to use to ideate, build, and grow your projects.

Here is the breakdown of what topics will be touched on:

And what formats will this information be presented in?

This community is self service. That means that this content is not intended to be consumed in any particular order, just the order that makes sense for you.

Here are some things that will take place on a recurring basis:

  • Group Chats: monthly

  • Newsletter: weekly

  • Teardowns: weekly

  • Podcast: weekly

The rest of the content will happen randomly.

But, one new premium content piece will be added here daily.

Clear as mud?


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter or email me.