Get ready for the new CK

Change is the driver of something, something, something, inspirational quote goes here.

Ok, so by now you’ve guessed that I’m announcing some stuff around the future of this great place we love, CreatorKit.

I’m not gonna delay, I’m just gonna bulletpoint it out right now.

Here’s what changes

  • The Discord channel is being discontinued — I simply don’t have the time and ability to make it what it needs to be.

  • Monthly Zoom chats are no longer part of the plan.

  • Access to courses will be moving to a new paid tier.

  • Access to paid podcasts will be moving to a new paid tier.

  • Swipe File is about to get bigger and will be moving to paid.

  • Focus here will be entirely on making the newsletter as high quality as possible (each email should be a mini course you can learn something valuable from)

Here’s what stays the same

  • The newsletter will be premium, but always free. That never changes.

  • The newsletter will actually get way better and each email will be a mini-course in a specific creator topic.

  • You will get early access to the free podcast every week
    (Early Thursday morning)

  • Guest posting is still alive and well here, and you can reach out to me to submit a proposal any time!

Honestly, I anticipate that you won’t really notice much of a change on your side.

This is more of a realignment for myself.

Now, the “why”

I’m gonna be honest with you right now on this:

Life got real.

My time and energy are stretched too many ways right now, and if I want to keep giving the best value to you all I need to make change quickly.

I am not willing to stop creating this.

It’s too helpful to me and to many of you.

But the way I ship it needed to change.


I’m investing fully in the weekly newsletter and making each issue worthy of being deemed a “mini-course” for a certain topic.

I want to go deeper and higher quality, once per week.

That’s the expectation going forward.

What about this paid tier?

I plan on opening the paid tier very quickly, and it will be $7.

Here’s what you’ll get access to:

  • Premium podcast about how I am building my audience

  • Discounts on any products I launch

  • My phone number to text me
    (not Community, my real phone)

  • Free Pick My Brain session

  • My amped up Swipe File

  • Private Clubhouse chats

  • All the courses I create

Most companies nowadays have a “Personal Development” stipend or the ability to charge the company for learning and courses. You can ask your company to pay for this paid tier.

If you are in a place or situation where $7 per month is going to be tough but you really want to be active in the paid tier, I’ll work with you to get you access.


This is not going to be publicly available yet, but if you want to get in early just reply to this email or DM me on Twitter. I’ll hook you up with an early sign up.


Thanks for reading, and more importantly for your understanding.

I’m committed to making this your best investment of 2021.

One love,